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Kitchen Equipment Maintenance and Repair


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Kitchen Equipment maintenance benefits



Commercial Kitchen Maintenance and Repair

Keep your business running smoothly with H&G’s professional kitchen maintenance and repair service.

Our employees have just one aim – to prolong the lifetime of your equipment.

Whether in hospitality or the food service industry, your commercial kitchen is the backbone of your company. Properly maintained apparatus is essential to preventing breakdowns, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Every Piece of Equipment is Important

To keep your business running like clockwork, everything in a commercial kitchen needs to be in top working order. From the freezer and dishwasher to the combi oven and food processor, every piece of equipment is as important as the next.

Hitches and Glitches, we understand this and take special care when it comes to all maintenance, repairs and kitchen supply and installation. From the toaster, waffle maker and other small table-top appliances to the larger appliances, such as the bain-marie grill, the blast chiller and the conveyor dishwasher.

Every piece of commercial gadgetry needs to be regularly maintained to keep your kitchen functioning.



Avoid Breakdowns with Annual maintenance contract for kitchen Equipments

Every time something in your kitchen malfunctions, delays happen. The meat cutter grinds to a halt or the glass washer starts leaking. Someone on your staff now has to perform the task by hand. These handy gadgets are invaluable and timesaving which enables you to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, things do go wrong and, when they do, repair bills can be expensive. By signing up for an annual maintenance contract, you can save both time and money. Having trained technicians in commercial kitchen maintenance regularly check on the performance of your equipment means catching potential problems before they occur by making the necessary repairs.

Extend the Life of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment isn’t cheap and many equipments are big investment for any business. Getting everything regularly serviced by a team of professionals could help extend the lifespan of machinery and appliances.

During a regular service, Hitches & Glitches engineers will check each piece of equipment for the smallest inconsistencies and make any repairs that need doing before problems become a bigger issue.

If necessary, they’ll also clean the equipment of any buildup of grease which can compromise the performance of cooking appliances, including burners and fryers.



Improve Functionality

Water is used throughout the kitchen and is an essential part of the cooling, drainage and washing systems. When water interacts with kitchen equipment, limescale can develop which could lead to debris clogging water inlets, drains and distribution lines.

Not treating and getting rid of limescale regularly and effectively could cause appliances to malfunction, develop leaks and reduce their ability to function correctly. Preventative maintenance services help you keep on top of the problem by cleaning and de-scaling your kitchen equipment to keep all your appliances running efficiently. 

Maintain Your Exhaust System

It’s not just cooking and food prep that happens in your kitchen. What goes on behind the scene is as important a part of commercial kitchen life as the refrigerator.

Your exhaust system is vital to a fully operational kitchen. By removing unwanted smoke, greasy fumes and odours, the system makes cooking areas safer and a more tolerable place to work for your employees. Proper ventilation also leaves your kitchen more sanitary and hygienic.

Problems with the exhaust system may go unobserved by your people going about their daily work. A slightly torn gasket or a fan that sounds louder than usual may not seem like an issue. But, when the gasket blows or the fan overheats and stops working, your kitchen and your staff will soon notice.

Having the system checked frequently could help prevent overheating and a costly failure. And, when combined with condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, regular maintenance can help prevent malfunctions and extend the life of your exhaust system.





Preventative Kitchen Maintenance

Regular kitchen equipment maintenance can help prevent downtime caused by broken appliances and ensure appliances and systems are at peak performance. In the long term, you could see an increase in productivity and a reduction in your energy costs.

Contact Hitches & Glitches today and let our skilled team of kitchen maintenance technicians maintain your exhaust system and your cooking, cooling and washing equipment to help prevent problems and keep your commercial kitchen and business running as efficiently as possible.



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  • Shine Zakharia - March 7, 2019:

    Excellent Service and easy to book.

  • Anand S - Sep 2, 2019:

    The Service was very professional and on time.

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