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Plumbing Service


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Our Qualified Home maintenance team at H&G can fix any plumbing issues you experience and further can advise on the Optimization of the usage.

Plumbing Services
If you live in a home, you understand the importance of an efficient plumbing system. In order to keep that system running efficiently, you need a team of qualified home maintenance personnel like H&G. Our team can repair any issues your plumbing system might experience, in addition to advising about optimal usage.

Do Not Neglect Your Plumbing Maintenance
Although the plumbing system for the most part is out of sight, it should never be out of mind! Failing to keep up on routine maintenance of your plumbing system can result in excessive energy bill costs.

An Overview of Our Services
When you call us to come out and check out your plumbing issues here is a breadth of what we will do:

  • Repair any drips or leaks we find in the system
  • Clear the lines to your pipes, and/or clogged sinks/toilets
  • Replace or fix any malfunctioning taps
  • Repair issues in the drainage system
  • Change out existing pipework
  • Reinstates water heaters and/or elements of sanitation

The Benefits of Routine Plumbing Services
Besides the obvious benefits of routine plumbing maintenance, our technicians also check the efficiency of each unit. This ensures your plumbing appliances have an extended lifetime. Averting any costly breakdowns and emergency service calls, which overall results in your peace of mind.

Give Us a Call!.
If you are in need of some plumbing services and live in the Dubai area or any other part of the UAE, give us a call at 800 4 2634.
H&G will schedule a technician to come to your home or business. This professional will inspect your plumbing system and give you an estimate.

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  • Shine Zakharia - March 7, 2019:

    Excellent Service and easy to book.

  • Anand S - Sep 2, 2019:

    The Service was very professional and on time.

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